Who are the Young Progressives?

Young Progressives of Delaware County is a youth advocacy coalition focused on expanding local government accessibility and rural social justice initiatives in rural New York.  

What do the Young Progressives do?

Since our inception the Young Progressives of Delaware County (YPDC) has conducted messaging campaigns on local policy issues and candidates, crafted a booklet on how to run for local office, and hosted days of service, voter registration drives, and progressive networking events. Our mission is to uplift progressive voices and people through social justice advocacy, rural community and coalition building, and enhancing accessibility to local government.

If not you, who?

Our coalition formed to combat the vacuum of bigotry found in pockets of Delaware County. Interested in getting more involved? Reach out!

What do the Young Progressives care about?

Recently, our work has center on…

Civil Rights & Social Justice Initiatives

Local Government Accessibility

Election & Candidate Information

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